PAC Report – Pre Profiling & Analysis of Constituency

Its a Pre Poll Survey Swing SWOT Political Data Analytics. This is the most recommended and the first step before you start building campaign plan or seek a party ticket. PAC Report will give key insights and gap analysis to build a strong and effective campaign strategy. It would help in utilizing and optimizing time and recourses most effectively. It is the combination of below listed services, which is best suitable for most candidates and constituencies.

  • Candidate Profiling
  • Swing Booth Analytics
  • Demographic Constituency Profiling
  • SWOT Analysis
  • Digital Media Analytics

Our experienced Political Analysts will provide you with an overview and in-depth understanding of the voting history and voting trends of your constituency. Our team will guide you towards a determined win by helping you strategise a full-proof political agenda

PAC Report advises the candidates how to approach the Election in a distinct way as it helps you to list out Candidate’s strength and weaknesses and also Opposition’s strength and weaknesses so it basically provides a map to route out your Election Campaign. Hence, it helps you develop strong strategies to face the situations on the Election turf . It gives you a virtual blueprint, on how to manage your campaign considering the cost, manpower and many other factors, thereby, providing you an effective and cost-worthy campaign.  

Pre Poll Survey Swing SWOT Political Data Analytics